Our inspiration…

Meet Murphy….

He came into our lives at 2 days old, weighing only 4 oz. and abandoned by his mother…we reluctantly took on the task of raising an orphaned kitten. We mastered the warm bed/nest, but struggled with feeding the formula…first trying the eye dropper, syringe, then the bottle, which was awkward for him to latch onto. Then it occurred to us that possibly a simulation to a mother’s fury bosom might help…after reconstructing (or massacring) several stuffed animals, we finally got it right.


Murphy thrived and was very content and secure suckling and kneading on this “fur-like pillow” we had assembled. We cuddled and burped him as needed after eating, he would fall asleep totally content and happy.

After much trial and error I have duplicated the nursing pillow and am pleased to offer this product for sale.

Patent Pending,  3/2009

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